A Sci-fi Retro-futuristic Adventure Through Space

Drifting through space. Nothing but the gentle glow of your consoles and the hum of the fusion reactor for company. You take a swig of your drink, when a familiar electronic chime kicks in. You shift your gaze to your console – “New planet discovered!” it reads. The adrenaline kicks in. It’s time to scav!

Scavvers is a game all about choice, risk, and loot. Every player takes the role of the captain of their own vessel from a choice of several distinct hulls. How they decide to outfit their ships, and how they decide to deal with obstacles they face is entirely up to them. But the goal is simple – become the richest Scavver in the galaxy!

A Modular Game System

The card system that’s been designed is intended to be used in a modular fashion. There is a recommended setup, but the game can be as long, or as short, as you wish. If you do not wish to use the player versus environment combat system, then the game can be played without it. Additional modules are also being designed that could increase the complexity and depth to an RPG level with a legacy mode. The goal was to create a game that gave the players the choice to play the way they want.

The Story

Scavvers began development in the summer of 2017 as a hobby project for Mike, who was working as a Graphic Designer. Mike took the prototype to a local board game meet up group where the game was very well received, with a lot of valuable feedback given. Over the months that followed, the rules and cards were redesigned, refined, and tested multiple times to streamline and enhance the gameplay. In June 2018, the game finally reached a stage that felt balanced, fun, and hit the criteria set. The next step is to launch a Kickstarter campaign, due to commence soon.



Mike Page

Designer and Developer

Mike is a Graphic Designer by day, and board game enthusiast by night!
Scavvers represents a lot of late nights working on new ideas, and has been
an immensely fun creative challenge. Mike looks forward to hopefully sharing it
with the world, and is excited to see what happens next.